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You’ve just found the most popular Online Store! At Mindful Mane & Body Care, super service and top quality merchandise is what we’re all about. We work our hearts out making sure to stock all the latest and greatest items at affordable prices. Get your shop on and let us know if there’s any special requests we can help you with.

Cruelty Free Products - Mindful Mane & Body Care

Cruelty Free

Plant Based Products - Mindful Mane & Body Care

Plant Based

Handcrafted Products - Mindful Mane & Body Care


Kimmie Essential™ Moringa Mint CBD Hemp Cleansing Shampoo
Kiddie Essentials™ Eczema Anti-itch Pack
Kimmie Essential™ Day Spa Soap Bar
Natural Deodorant for Men - Mindful Mane & Body Care™
Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Oil - Mindful Mane & Body Care™


Our mission at Mindful Mane & Body Care is to provide the world with naturally sourced and cruelty free plant based hair, skin and body care products for the entire family in a planet friendly sustainable way.

Mindful Mane & Body Care inspiration and passion comes from watching my Grandmother's response to any family ailment with native roots solutions.  Instead of her reaching for a pill, she went to her garden to heal you.


Our company came to fruition shortly after a kindred meeting with a woman we met while waiting to be seated for breakfast while on vacation. The lady and I began talking, and she complimented me on my hair and asked what hair care products do I use. I explained to her that because of my severe sensitivities to commercial hair care products, I began making my own natural hair care products years ago. She asked do you sell your hair care products, I told her no I just make them for me and family only. Her response really resonated with me when she said oh you will you're just not in that season yet. I smiled and thought I would love to share my products with the world and help others the way it has helped me and my family .

Well, I am very happy to say Thanks to God I am now in that season!  Kimmie  :) Enjoy! 



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